Who Lies More About Dings, Crashes and Tickets — Husbands or Wives?

Alamy Men and women already bicker about which sex drives better than the other. Now they have another topic of automotive contention: who lies more about dings, crashes, and tickets?

Well, now we have an answer: A recent survey of 1,000 married adults by Insure.com revealed that men lie more than women when it comes to the car, regardless of whether the issue is as minor as a tiny dent in the fender or as big as letting the insurance lapse.

Let’s take a look five lies spouses tell.

The car got dinged? Wasn’t me! While 35 percent of survey respondents said they blamed someone else even if it was their fault that the car got damaged, 42 percent of men had lied about it, versus only 27 percent of women.

Ticket? What ticket? More than twice as many men kept tickets a secret from their spouse: 16 percent of women had gotten a ticket that they didn’t tell their husbands about, but 34 percent of ticketed husbands kept mum.

Must have been a hit-and-run. Wives may be just a little too trusting of their spouses: 23 percent said they knew or thought it was possible that their husband had been in an accident without telling them, even though 31 percent of husbands admitted that they had in fact hidden a car accident from their spouse. On the flip side, men are more suspicious of their wives than they should be: 38 percent of men said they think it’s possible that their spouse kept a car accident secret, but only 17 percent of wives say they lied about an accident.

Of course, an accident may be tough to keep a secret if your car is damaged. But even if you get the repairs done before your spouse notices, the hike in your insurance costs will be pretty telling. Accidents will almost always cause your car insurance costs to rise; if you get a reckless driving ticket along with it, your rates could go up as much as 22 percent.

I don’t recall forgetting to pay the car insurance bill. Twenty-three percent of men say they’ve kept silent about neglecting to pay the car insurance premium, while only 15 percent of wives say they didn’t tell their spouse about the bill they forgot. In this case maybe a little nagging would be good; if your policy lapses, your rates are likely to go up by 6 percent when it’s reinstated.

I’m sure the insurance hasn’t lapsed yet. Twenty-one percent of men said they’d driven without car insurance without telling their spouse, while just 9 percent of women said they’d kept quiet about driving without insurance protection.

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