The 5 Biggest Obamacare Myths Explored, Explained and Debunked

Recently, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s favorable ruling on Obamacare, I wrote an article explaining what it would mean to the average middle class family. Almost immediately, the floodgates opened: The piece received more than 1,500 comments and my e-mail inbox filled up with questions from readers.

It’s not surprising that there’s a lot of confusion about the impact that the health care reform law will have: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an almost-unreadable 955 pages of densely-written government-speak. To make matters more muddled, opponents of the act have spent much of the last three years spreading disinformation about it, and framing it as a brutal attack on our freedom.

By and large, most of the questions I received revolved around five specific myths about the law. As with all good stories, most of these myths have at their cores some tenuous connection with the facts, but either misinterpret or cynically mischaracterize them.

Let’s cut through the confusion: Here are the five biggest myths surrounding America’s new health care plan:

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