How to Safely Test Makeup Before You Buy

July 27, 2018

How many times have you bought new lipstick, only to find the color is less than flattering on you? Or maybe you accidentally purchased the wrong shade of blush, making it look like you stepped right out of a bad ’80s movie. We’ve all been there. Makeup can be quite expensive, and you’d hate to purchase something that doesn’t work for you. Testing makeup before you buy can solve many…


Ask the Readers: What Are Your Favorite Brands?

July 26, 2018

While brand loyalty can cause you waste money on products that aren’t worth the price you pay for them, you may have found over the years that some brands are just consistently better than others. What are your favorite brands? Why do you prefer them over their competitors? What do you like most about these brands? Tell us about your favorite brands and we’ll enter you in a drawing to…


5 Home Investments to Make Your Summer Cooler

July 2, 2018

Summer heat is already in full effect, and you might already be sweating the bills that comes with keeping the house cool. While you want to save the most money possible this season, sometimes you have to invest money to save money in the long run. These home upgrades will cost you upfront, but will keep you cool and on budget for several summers to come. (See also: 5 Things…


10 Fun Money Reads to Take to the Beach

June 14, 2018

Whether you’re planning to spend a week in a lounger by the pool, or are jetting off to the beach for sun, sea, and serious relaxation, taking a book is a smart way to pass the time while soaking up those rays. And so often in life, we never find the time to educate ourselves on something that really matters: our money. When we’re in control of it, we have…