How to Protect Yourself from a Home Improvement Scam

July 31, 2018

From a small task like new sod, to a major job like a finished basement, home improvement projects can become a nightmare if you fall victim to a scam. Even the savviest consumers can get taken for a ride if they don’t know how to spot the red flags. So before you commit to any kind of home remodel or upgrade, make sure you know how to protect yourself from…


How to Stop Those Annoying Robocalls

June 14, 2018

Your phone rings, the number on the screen starts with your local area code. Of course you’re going to pick up. What if it’s the school nurse calling about your children? What if it’s your dentist’s office calling to reschedule an appointment? Then you pick up and a recording tells you that you’ve won a free cruise to Alaska or that you owe money to the IRS. Yes, you’ve been…