5 Smart Money Moves Your Kids Can Make Over Summer Vacation

July 26, 2018

Summer vacation when you’re a kid means endless days of bike riding, swimming, playing video games, and fighting over who gets the last purple Popsicle in the freezer. It’s not nearly as idyllic for Mom and Dad. Not only do parents need to line up (and pay for) alternate child care for the kids during the summer months, but they also have to worry about Junior and Sis spending their…


9 Essential Personal Finance Skills to Teach Your Kid Before They Move Out

July 18, 2018

Your child is on the verge of moving out and living on their own. Are they prepared? Arming them with the right personal finance knowledge will give them a strong foundation to go and achieve many of their life goals. If their understanding of personal finance is lacking, they could begin their independent life on the wrong foot (and they may even come back home). Consider these ways that you…


10 Pointless Fees That Are Sabotaging Your Budget

June 14, 2018

When I read the word “fee,” what I see is, “something you should have avoided paying.” No one likes to pay fees, fines, service charges, or anything that sounds remotely like a penalty. While some fees are unavoidable — try taking a flight without paying the Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee — there are plenty that you can sidestep by calling to complain, avoiding certain behaviors, or switching providers….