9 Essential Personal Finance Skills to Teach Your Kid Before They Move Out

July 18, 2018

Your child is on the verge of moving out and living on their own. Are they prepared? Arming them with the right personal finance knowledge will give them a strong foundation to go and achieve many of their life goals. If their understanding of personal finance is lacking, they could begin their independent life on the wrong foot (and they may even come back home). Consider these ways that you…


Are Starter Homes Still a Thing?

June 25, 2018

The old formula worked like this: When you were tired of renting an apartment, you’d buy a starter home. This starter home would be affordable and small. When your family started to grow, you’d sell that starter home and buy a larger residence. Does this strategy still make sense? Should you invest in a starter home before purchasing what you might consider the home of your dreams? Not surprisingly, the…