Don’t Fall For It, Mom. It’s a Scam!

Alamy Moms will go to any lengths to ensure their family’s well-being. Unfortunately, scammers know that too. So under the guise of helping, they’ll go to equally great lengths to part moms from their cash. This Mother’s Day — and every day — be on the lookout for these common scams that often target mothers and other caregivers.

Make Big Bucks Working at Home!

When money is tight, working at home while still caring for the family may seem like a great way to bring in a few extra bucks. While there are some legitimate work-at-home jobs, the ones that promise easy money for very little work are almost always scams. Be wary of any of the following: Help! I’m Stranded in a Foreign Country!

Moms typically get the call when something goes wrong. That’s why scammers look pull at the heartstrings and loosen the pursestrings.

Here’s how it works: The scammer contacts a parent or grandparent via email, telephone, text, or social networking site and purports to be a relative stranded overseas or at the hospital and in need of fast cash. The scammer may even put a “policeman” on the phone to add a legitimate air to the situation. Just remember: Let Us Help You Get Out of Debt

Moms regularly manage the day-to-day household budget and spending. If money gets tight and the credit card balances get out of control, it might be tempting to turn to a credit card settlement company for help. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady folks operating them, and the worst among them will charge you an arm and a leg to do what you could do by yourself.

Watch out for the following bad behaviors: Instead, before you let Mom get into deeper trouble by paying someone to make her credit even worse, instruct her to try the following: It’s tough being a mom and juggling family and money. It’s even tougher if you get tripped up in a financial scam that sets you back, especially when you only wanted to help. By watching out for the telltale signs and knowing how things really work, you can protect yourself and your family from getting burned.

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