5 Store Credit Cards That Can Really Pay Off in Savings

Alamy “Would you like to save an extra 10 percent today?”

We’ve all been offered store credit cards in exchange for an instant discount. For years, my answer was an automatic no. Who needs all those extra cards cluttering up their wallet … and their credit report?

But it turns out that some of these cards really can be worthwhile for frequent shoppers, with many offering extra savings, lots of rewards, and perks like free shipping on online purchases.

Good credit, plus the ability (and discipline) to pay the bills in full each month, are the key to getting the benefits out of these cards — otherwise their higher interest rates will quickly erase the savings. And even if you possess both of those attributes, you don’t want to go crazy signing up for store cards; it’s best to choose just one or two from stores you shop at often enough to rack up real savings.

So if, like me, you find yourself at Target (TGT) every weekend, are all too familiar with Amazon’s (AMZN) one-click buying option, and have kids who outgrow their Old Navy jeans every six months, then consider these store-branded card options.

Note: Credit card companies are wily, and sometimes offer different deals to different customers, depending on factors like whether you’re a current customer or how often you visit the store’s website. The information below is based on the offers we received; if you see less favorable offers, give the company a call and ask for the better deal!

Gap Card/Gap Visa Target REDcard Amazon Rewards Visa Card (Chase) My Kohl’s Charge Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card Like to spread your shopping dollars around? The Chase Freedom card could be a great option for you, especially if you shop online often. Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal offers discounts on a wide array of online stores, including a current offer of 5 percent cash back on Amazon purchases (capped at $1,500). Bonus Pick: Chase Freedom card

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